Post Workboats has many years of experience in a wide range of (shallow) water services. Working on water is a lot more efficient, safe and comfortable when carried out using ribs. We are very proud of the huge variety of projects that we have worked on in recent years. Are you looking for a dependable multi-purpose boat? Post Workboats looks forward to helping you!

Seismic water projects

We specialise in seismological research worldwide. We are also able to deploy specially prepared ribs to map a large area in a very short time at high speed.

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Wind-turbine projects

Combined with powerful outboard engines, our ribs serve as an outstanding and dependable tool for wind-turbine projects on the water. Even at winter temperatures!

We have provided assistance to various wind-turbine projects. These include manning two ribs for six months to transport turbine blades. Each boat travelled some 5000 kilometres without any downtime!

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Cable landings

The growth of the off-shore energy and communication sector is driving rising demand for laying cables and pipelines at sea.

Our ribs have provided assistance to work and support boats for various power-cable landing jobs, proving themselves very capable of transporting cables without (water) damage.

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Events on the water

Over the years, Post Workboats’ ribs have functioned as support ribs for major international sailing competitions at Medemblik, worldwide Red Bull Air Races, television and film recordings and countless other events!

Do you need to use our ribs for a large or small event? We'll take care of it for you!

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Personal water transport

With a capacity of up to 12 people, Post Workboats’ ribs are also extremely well suited to transporting people. The ribs have been used for rescue missions, for instance, but also for transporting personnel to off-shore projects by water. But the ribs are also used for transporting large groups of people at events.

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Our ribs also serve very well in (supporting) survey activities. Over the years, our ribs have assisted in the surveillance of soil conditions in major infrastructural water projects, such as the Second Maasvlakte. Furthermore, the ribs are perfect for deployment in surveying areas in difficult-to-reach locations.

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